Why use CheckIt!?

Decision Trees

Many tasks and professions have a great deal of knowledge that can be expressed in the form of decision trees. People run through these decision trees to decide the correct course of action at a given moment. These decision trees may or may not be written down somewhere and they could be in any number of different forms but the idea is the same.

CheckIt! allows you to put record this knowledge through an easy-to-use online editor. You don't have to worry about positioning diamonds and squares, you just focus on what's important. Once your decision tree is created, you can easily modify it later.

CheckIt! decision trees can be accessed from any internet-capable device, so it's flexible enough to be on any job site. There's never any software to install or upgrade.


Following on to the previous point, some tasks have a checklist to accompany them. Maintenance personnel in the military are familiar with the checklists that they're supposed to have open for any given procedure — checking off an item in a list drastically decreases the probability of mistakes caused by accidentally skipping a step.

Of course you can create a checklist in any other piece of software. Microsoft Word or Google Docs makes typing up a checklist pretty easy and we all have printers.

CheckIt! checklists aren't designed as a one-off solution, they're made to make checklists an integral part of your workflow. Once a checklist is created, you and your users can access a digital version of that checklist any time, anywhere, through the web. Once they open it, a copy of the checklist is created that is maintained as a record. Think of it like printing off a copy every time it's needed, but never wasting a piece of paper on it again.

Further, CheckIt! checklists are fully versioned. You can make changes and release a new version without disrupting the checklists that people are using in production environments. Anyone who opens the checklist automatically gets the latest revision.

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Simplify - Document and revise your internal knowledge in one central place, access it from one central place, and never worry again about accidentally using an out-of-date version.

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